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About Us



Milano A.S. was established in 2000, located in BALIKESIR/TURKEY. We have the same excitement that we had feeling when the first veneer sheets were produced in our factory. We have believed the importance of the new production methods and technologies since the first day. Our management and employees all together adapt to quality based on continuous improvement and development in production and our service. We deliver natural wood veneer in a consistent, reliable, high-level understanding of quality, just in time and customer oriented way.

We renewed almost our all machine group in the last five year. We have two vertical slicers, one horizontal slicer, two peeling machines and three press-dryers with last technology. We established a new energy center to supply our consistent, efficient and high quality production.

Milano A.S. has earned the reputation of being a reliable and flexible business partner to its customers. We have been growing successfully in numerous countries throughout the world. Our main commitments are satisfaction of our customers and their needs, corporate social responsibility and the environment, sustainable resources, the ideas and suggestions, efficient production and quality.



Milano A.S. is specialized in the manufacture of decorative natural wooden veneers from high-quality hardwoods. Our company’s activities are designed to satisfy our customers’ needs just in time. As a responsible company, the concerns of our employees, the environment and society give an important role to us. With a sense of this responsibility, all our investments and future projects are planed with the basement on corporate social responsibility and environment.

Milano A.S.'s veneers are used as a decorative wooden surface in a wide variety of applications. Our products serve natural and exclusive designs for interior decoration, doors, furniture, panels, and automotive industry, boat and aircraft industries.

Milano A.S. is constantly working on new technologies and manufacturing methods to enhance the quality of its products and customer services. Many of these innovations, which include using more efficient machinery and improved processes, have become industry standards in the wood-processing sector.

The company has believed the importance of responsible, sustainable forest management. Because of that Milano A.S., developed and implemented comprehensive measures and standards, which are audited regularly and certified by independent parties.

All of Our business activities are established on the principles of sustainability. The company has very strict raw material procurement and sourcing rules. It is firmly committed to purchasing wood exclusively from legally operated sources.


1.  Create value for leaving a trace in future;

Our aim is integrate the human's creativity and natural wood products for create value for leaving a trace in future. This brings satisfaction and benefits to our employees, customers and communities.


2. Sustainability and renewability;

During the use of natural sources, we are committed to follow sustainability and renewability on all our each steps.

3. Work safety and worker health;

Milano respects the social and human rights contained in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO). We are working to ensure a work environment that is culturally respectful. Milano does not engage in, or benefit from the use of child labour and prohibits any kind of forced labour.

Our activities are based on corrective and preventive actions involvement of our employees for work safety and worker health within sense of responsibility.

4. Quality and efficiency;

Our management and employees all together adopt to quality based on continuous improvement and development in production and our service. We deliver natural wood veneer in a consistent, reliable, just in time and customer oriented way.

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