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Human reality behind the perfection

Story of the production starts with logs selection

The basis of our power comes from selecting the right, good quality logs and the production with the skilled, experienced team.


Logs selection is the most important part of our job. The quality of veneer is specified with the special selection of logs which is controlled each by our experienced and specialized staff. Our team follows each log from the beginning of reception till delivery of veneer to our customers.  Preparation of logs for veneer production is done according to our customer requirements, considering external appearance and special feature of each log's.

Human touch is indispensable element of to produce a perfectly natural wood veneer. Experienced fingers of our team work as a magical equipment. Work with the natural wood gives us a chance to feel the miracle of the nature. The miracle have been witnessed, brings us the consciousness on importance of the natural products. There is no machine support which can replace people feeling, experience, product knowledge, and love of wood.

The consistently high quality and yield of products are also influenced by the perfect preparation. Each log needs to be prepared as different lengths, different designs and different heat treatments. All that arguments keep their secrets as well. That secret formula comes from knowledge, years of experience, and human's instinctive ability to decide. This makes for a smooth cut and excellent color. Depending on the species and the logs' region of origin, the time changes for heat treatment. During the process of cooking, the water temperature is also a very important variable which must be strictly controlled. That is why all Milano A.S. cooking schedules are computer-controlled to the minute details. The water in which logs are boiled does not contain any chemical additives. The process of heat treatment requires only water, time and the right temperature.

Endless care being taken to the best production. But if you are not able to keep logs under protection, It is easy to lose freshness of logs. In our log yard, we have all the organization which is strictly needed to protect logs from sun, wind effect and inappropriate ground conditions.

Preparation for the production

Log yard

Slicing & Drying

Clipping and Classification

At the end of the slicing process, clipping lines give the last form of the veneer packets.  We clean all defects on the veneer sheets, prepare the material for the correct lengths and divide for specific quality requirements. Each veneer bundle is signed a barcode label which contains log number and its specification. This barcode labels give us the possibility to follow every step of the production for each log. Traceability is one of the most important fact for a veneer factory.

Besides having the most recent technology machines, we have experienced operators to produce veneer with perfect thickness and surface smoothness. Slicing machines must be set precisely for type of natural wood. Constantly readjusting is needed through the specific growth and grain placement of each log during the slicing. Last technology press-dryers are used in our company to get most smooth and flat veneer. Sheets humidity, dryer temperature and speed of dryer belt must be combined to reach best result for drying.

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